DropShipper Agents

Want to start OWN ONLINE BUSINESS but don't know where and how to start?
Don’t have the capital to run a business?
Don’t want to run the trouble to pack and deliver the items to customer?
We are here to help you DEFINITELYJ

The ONLY THING which is required by YOU is to PROMOTE our PRODUCTS and YOU EARN BASE ON THE SALES what you sell to your referral customer.

Easy Example How DropShipper Works:
we sell a Romper for RM18 and you sell to your referral customer RM25, meaning RM25-RM18=RM7 is what you earn for FREE and NO HASSLE.

BabyShopRompers.blogspot.com is a good place to start and we welcome any facebook seller, website owner, blogger or whoever interested to join our DROPSHIPPER PLAN AT NO COST AT ALL (FREE)

Please email annur.shoppe@gmail.com  and quote subject as "Dropshipper Plan" for more detailed information. The dropshipper plan is open for serious applicant only and positions are limited.

Please allow 24 hours for us to review your application and reply to your email.

*We will not entertain any enquiries through sms or call, pls email us only for Dropshippers Inquiries.

* Upon successful applicant, we will forward a form for you to fill up together with the Terms & Condition for Dropshipper Agent for your guidelines.